About The Woodlands

The Woodlands’ 54-acre landscape is at once a one-of-a-kind 18th-century English pleasure garden, 19th-century rural cemetery, and a modern green oasis for its neighbors in bustling University City and West Philadelphia. The Woodlands was designated a National Historic Landmark District in recognition of its unique history and rich resources. Actively used today, the cemetery, mansion, landscape, and programs are an educational resource for local school children, community residents, university students, as well as for a small, highly motivated cadre of scholars seeking further understanding of American architectural and botanical history, urban development, and the origin and growth of West Philadelphia.

...Whereby the beautiful landscape and scenery of that situation (Hamilton’s Estate) may be perpetually preserved, and its ample space for the free circulation of air, and groves of trees afford a security against encroachments upon the dead, and health and solace to the living.
---Articles of Incorporation of The Woodlands Cemetery Company, 1840
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